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Alejandro Inarritu pushed cinematic boundaries in 2014 with "Birdman," and now he does it again in 2015 with "The Revenant." Based on the novel by Michael Punke, the movie transports us back to 1823 when frontiersmen and fur trappers traveled the states of Montana and South Dakota,Download The Revenant Movie, and some of them soon came to discover just how unforgiving nature can be.

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Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Hugh Glass, a member of a hunting party searching the land for animal pelts. In a seriously intense scene, Hugh ends up getting mauled by a bear to where he looks to be on the verge of breathing his last breath. One party member, John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), becomes insistent on killing Hugh as dragging his seriously wounded body through the elements threatens to slow everyone down and put them all in the crosshairs of Indian tribes looking for revenge.

Fitzgerald ends up trying to smother Hugh to death, but he is interrupted by Hugh's native american son Hawk (Forrest Goodluck) who calls out for help. But Fitzgerald, overwhelmed by fear of dying, ends up stabbing Hawk to death and gets the rest of the group to leave Hugh for dead and move on to safer grounds. But despite being so mortally wounded, Hugh rises up and pursues Fitzgerald over thousands of miles as he is driven by an unshakable force known as vengeance.

Inarritu, along with the brilliant cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, puts us right in the middle of the action to where we, like the characters, never feel safe for a second. Download The Revenant Movie, Arrows are flying everywhere and you are in an environment which you are not as familiar with as you would like to think, so the specter of death is always around the corner.

What's especially brilliant about "The Revenant" is how it captures both the beauty and unforgiving nature of the wilderness. The vistas captured in this movie are incredible to witness, Download The Revenant Movie, but this is also something you will want to bring a heavy coat (maybe even a parka) to. The weather is so fierce here to where you can't help but wonder how anyone could possibly survive it.

All eyes are on DiCaprio right now as this may finally be the year he snags the Academy Award for Best Actor. Then again, he really doesn't need an Oscar to prove to the world that he is one of the best actors of his generation. In movies like "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," "The Aviator" and "The Wolf of Wall Street," he has shown a fearlessness in delving into a character's dark side or a part of themselves that can never be easily controlled.

DiCaprio makes you feel every ache, pain and broken bone Hugh experiences in his infinitely long journey. Much has been said about how hard it was to make "The Revenant," and it looks like very few had it harder than this actor did. We watch DiCaprio traverse a viciously cold landscape while lacking the ability to talk, and he even resorts to an "Empire Strikes Back" form of survival by keeping warm in a dead animal's carcass.Download The Revenant Movie, DiCaprio has never been an actor to fake an emotion or deliver a moment less than truthfully, and he certainly doesn't do that here.

Also excellent in "The Revenant" is Tom Hardy who, just like he did in "Mad Max: Fury Road," portrays a character forced to survive in the harshest and most unforgiving of environments.Download The Revenant Movie, Fitzgerald could have been just another one-dimensional villain in this movie, but Hardy imbues this character with a wounded humanity that makes him far more lethal and frightening. Just watch the scene in which Hardy faces down the barrel of a gun and quickly think of another actor who could be as convincing as him in a moment like that.

Tremendous performances, amazing cinematography, the most vicious bear attack in recent cinematic history along with a haunting music score by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bryce Dessner and Alva Noto help to make "The Revenant" one of the best and most unforgettable movies of 2015.Download The Revenant Movie, Inarritu remains unwavering in his directorial vision and he has given us a movie that grabs you and never lets you go until the credits start rolling. While some motion pictures get overshadowed by their behind the scenes struggles, this one is not.

Normally when stories of production woes emerge it spells inevitable doom, but twice in 2015 we've seen two of the year's best films emerge unscathed, if not better for having struggled to completion. One was George Miller's "Mad Max: Fury Road"; the other is Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's unforgiving,Download The Revenant Movie, poetic tale of reflection and icy revenge, "The Revenant". As a follow-up to his upbeat and brisk Oscar-winner, "Birdman", Inarritu couldn't have gone in a more stark direction. As wondrous to behold as it is punishing to endure, "The Revenant" is Inarritu staking his claim to the most unique movie of the year. Nothing else looks quite like it; no other film puts you through the emotional wringer quite like it, either.

Maybe it's the merciless weather Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and much of the crew were put through, but everything about this film is brutal. The only thing more chilling than the raging blizzard are the chilling acts of barbarism in a world without mercy; where surviving is the only thing that can and ever will matter. DiCaprio, looking shaggier than ever in his career, plays Hugh Glass, a tracker and frontiersman in 1820 Wyoming,Download The Revenant Movie, working for a fur company in the snowy Rocky Mountains. When a Native American tribe attacks, it's every man for long as he doesn't forget his bale of bear pelts. In fact, pelts are the only thing that seem to matter to the cruel John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), a nasty, racist piece of work who has a special dislike for Glass and his half-Pawnee son, Hawk (Forrest Goodluck). The crew barely survives the attack, which is captured in fluid chaos by DP Emmanuel Lubezki (winner of two Oscars for "Gravity" and "Birdman"), and it's up to Glass to navigate everyone home.

Cruelty on top of cruelty is heaped upon Glass, but it all begins when he's viciously mauled by a raging bear. The attack itself might be one of the grizzliest scenes captured on film. But for all of its ferocity, there's something beautiful about it, as well. The technical wizardry of it, as DiCaprio is literally battered from tree to tree, pummeled, bitten, and clawed, is remarkable. You'll spend the rest of the film wondering how they pulled it off.Download The Revenant Movie, With Glass near death, the scrupulous captain (Domhnall Gleeson, who is in everything this season) figures they can't outrun the pursuing Natives and carry him along. So he offers up a ton of money to anyone that will stay behind with him until they can return with reinforcement. The opportunistic Fitzgerald agrees, along with Hawk and the innocent youngster, Jim Bridger (Will Poulter). But it isn't long after they are left alone that Fitzgerald commits a heartless act, captured right in front of the immobile Glass, which demands vengeance.

And vengeance is what he seeks; it boils in Glass's savage blood. This is a DiCaprio we've never seen before, feral and unwavering, agony and fury captured in his burning eyes. The level of commitment he brings to the role is extraordinary, but the same goes for Hardy who at this point can mumble villainy with the best of them. Both actors look like they have an extra layer of bark on their rugged skin.Download The Revenant Movie, Not everyone could have endured the rigors Innaritu put them all through, shooting only a few hours a day to capture the most natural light he possibly could. Much of the crew quit; the delays stretched into weeks and months, but the results made it all worth it.

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Admittedly, "The Revenant" sticks to such a grim note throughout that it may be tough for some to handle. It's an endurance test, for sure, but the darkness is broken up by Malick-ian dream sequences capturing the expansive vistas in which Glass makes his painful journey. These scenes are what drives him further than any man should be capable to go; to survive wounds that would fell a regular man, to move on despite starvation and freezing temperatures. They're key to the story even if they feel somewhat separated from the narrative.Download The Revenant Movie, DiCaprio gives this film its beating heart, while a surprisingly good Poulter provides the slim strand of goodness coursing through it.The film ends exactly as it should, with the promise of more violence. "The Revenant" gives no quarter; it's a challenging, brilliant film that proves once again that Inarritu is unparalleled when at the top of his game, and fortunately for us he always is.

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The Revenant is Adventure, Drama, Thriller Movie Directed By Alejandro González Iñárritu. Download The Revenant Full Movie Online HD. Download The Revenant movie in your pc, iphone, ipod in all quality. Download The Revenant in 720p, 1080p, Watch The Revenant Online , Stream The Revenant online.

One of the most anxiously anticipated films produced in 2015, Alejandro González Iñárritu's 'The Revenant' began a properly full nationwide theatrical release on January 8, 2016 after teasing the world with countless private screenings in the handful of months prior.

Download The Revenant Full Movie HD Online

The 'Birdman' director seems to have received repeats of the same admiration levels and praise a year later with this effort. Download The Revenant Movie, Thus far clenching best director, best motion picture in the drama category and Leonardo DiCaprio with best actor in that same category at the 2016 Golden Globes for 'The Revenant.'

Part of me would hypocritically say don't buy into the hype, while the other part of me, which is the bigger percentage would say get your ticket today because 'The Revenant' is something most should experience.
Needless to say, my appreciation of this film is battling with the remarkable acting versus the true mediocrity that makes up the majority of this two hour and thirty six minute film.

On that token, the sheer length isn't the issue. Download The Revenant Movie, I warmly welcome three hour or more films, if the script can accommodate that technique. However, what we have with 'The Revenant' is a stale script based off the astounding true journey of Hugh Glass paired with astonishing acting from the entire cast during a handful of incredibly intense scenes.

Far too often Iñárritu has the opportunity in this film to captivate audiences imaginations during the lengthy sequence fillers that are visually gorgeous but ultimately empty, cut and dry. Download The Revenant Movie, He does throw in a few symbolic sentiments for time to time, but I was expecting much more in that area.
The word, revenant is of French origin and basically means to return from the dead; exactly what the real life Hugh Glass was documented as being. Glass was left for dead in 1823 after a grizzly bear attack, Download The Revenant Movie, only to come back into the very lives of the team that left him for dead after traveling 1,500 miles to reunite. stated, "If there were ever a true story ripe for big screen treatment, it’s that of Hugh Glass," so I am dumbfounded why we don't get much more from DiCaprio than the focus on the fear-factor-esque shock value based performance. His acting is immaculate at times, but isn't it always? Why does he have to do the damnedest things in front of the camera to get considered for awards?Download The Revenant Movie, Throughout a few of his crawling scenes I felt as if he was on his hands and knees begging the Academy instead of properly portraying Glass, a loaded performance that may or may not be genuine.

However, Tom Hardy (Mad Max, Inception) delivers more of a conventionally solid performance than DiCaprio. It could be because Hardy has at least ten fold more dialogue and less solitary fighting for life moments, Download The Revenant Movie, but either way Hardy was way past amazing and in most ways outshines the leading character, developing more of an emotional attachment with audiences, even if it's a sickening sour one.

The rest of the cast, as mentioned previously was stellar.Download The Revenant Movie, I've had my eyes on Will Poulter since his "Son Of Rambow" performance that gave undisputed evidence that he would become great and he is beginning to tap into that in 'The Revenant'. Then we have the solid execution of Domhall Gleeson, son of the great Brendan Gleeson who has been in 2015's finest, including 'Star Wars : The Force Awakens," "Brooklyn" and "Ex Machina."

The initial battle sequence of 'The Revenant' is a stunning masterpiece in it's own right, techniques reminiscently carried over from Iñárritu's work on 'Birdman' but applied to gritty dispassionate killing and warfare. When they talk about "edge of the seat" scenes, this is definitely one of them. Download The Revenant Movie, There are actually a handful of these intensely moving and emotionally elevating moments throughout 'The Revenant' but way too much dead air stagnation and an underwhelmingly dull score. Oh, and terribly tacky computer generated visuals.

Watch The Revenant Full Movie Online HD Online

As with 'Birdman' I feel as 'The Revenant' housed a revolutionary story and idea but Iñárritu never really taps into the true potential and vast galaxy that could be created within these stories. Instead of that galaxy that could have been served to audiences, Download The Revenant Movie, he settles for showing us New York City as it is and nothing more, not even sprinkling a little more imagination and calling it Gotham. What we get is ultimately bland, but there is beauty is simplicity.